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Return to Work..Same Old Same Old?

Return to Work, Re-Open, Back to the Same-Old-Same-Old?

OK, “Those In Power” say it’s time to go back to reality”. Boy, there are sure a lot of catchphrases aren’t there?

Sometimes, those words have meanings; but not necessarily the “right now” meanings that are going through your heads as you read this newsletter.

What was routine and normal at the beginning of March, for some of you, isn’t necessarily attractive “now”. What was making you “uncertain and anxious” by the end of March, has now evolved into questions about the work, the workplace, the co-workers, and even the boss (yes, even the boss) that you’re going back to. Write down the things that now make you “anxious-er”. (Get over it. It’s poetic license even if this isn’t poetry)

Some of you have already/will report for work and flip-the-switch and be back in the old-routine as if March thru May never happened. Some of you will be returning to work, doing something you enjoy and find worthwhile. However, some of you will return, in-body-but-not-in spirit. Some will “go-through-the motions”. (Maybe you were before the pandemic.) If a person is going-through-the-motions, their actions co-workers may interpret your actions as “not caring” and doing the bare minimum.

Some of you who have been “conjuring up the gumption” (Look that one up too.) to “Do Different.” That may make an outcome of this “Covid-thing”, possibly not-all-bad. If you are considering (wink, wink, nod, nod) doing different, be planful about it. Think things over. Think things through.

Reflect on what you have to offer a different employer. What have you learned about yourself during this pandemic-time. How might you answer these interview questions “How did you use this time that was forced upon you?” And, “Why should I hire you?” (If your answer to this one is “I’m looking for a change.”, re-think that one.)

If you would hire you with your answers then go for it.

Re-visit that 24 hour clock exercise. Account for all of your time. If you are working in a full-time position, you are spending more time at work, with other people, than you are spending with family, friends, and significant others. How are you spending your time?

Take away a positive from this pandemic period. Like what you do. Like those you will spend so much time with. Be willing to sign your name to everything you do. You are worth it.



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