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Respect, Trust, and Holding Accountable

Respect is defined as showing esteem or extended value toward another; to never devalue another person’s “worth” in your interactions with them and/or in the view of others.

Trust is the confidence in the genuineness of the workplace relationship formed between individuals and co-workers; evidenced in actions and communications.

To Hold Accountable is to have expectations of another person in the performance of their job duties, clearly communicated and consistently applied across all workers being supervised.

As a supervisor, your application of these three attributes will become foundational components of Your track record of goal achievement and will also be visible in turnover-reduction and retention-increase comparatives versus other Supervisors.

Exceptional Supervisors encourage and acknowledge those who meet and exceed job expectations. That positive reinforcement communicates Trust and RESPECT and confirms your priority for “what GOOD looks like.”

By the same measure, if you tolerate under-performers, that is a sign of disrespect for that individual. If you value and respect the person who is underperforming, you will work to shape their behavior to the needed improved level. Out of a personal level of respect, you will work to raise their performance. Oh, by the way…to tolerate underperformance is a sign of disrespect of your other employees who are delivering.

To be Valued as an employee, to be consistently consistent in extending recognition of delivering “Good” at a minimum is a workplace culture crafted by you. In exit interviews terminating employees cite they are “leaving a boss” more often than they say they are “leaving the company”. That puts “you” in the driver’s seat.



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