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Re-Callings, Re-runs, Re-plays, and Re-Views

Exit Interview honest: "I'm quitting because trying to avoid doing work is more exhausting than I thought!"

For those of you who have been devoted readers of “So How’s That Working For You?”, You may remember the business lesson in this story-with-a-moral. Some of you may have more recently been promoted-from-within Supervisors and Managers may not. (OK, enough “re” uses.)

Once upon a time, a business owner hired several cannibals. The job market was tough…like now. Finding workers was difficult. (And, it was Cannibals, not cannabis.) During the On-Boarding process, the company Human Resources Manager told them they were part of his team. Which meant they were told about their benefits, and about the employee cafeteria where they could eat. But, they were asked to not eat any other employees. IKR. Things went smoothly for the “probationary employment period and they were told by the HR manager that all of them would be kept as regular employees. Just before the meeting was over, the HR Manager just happened to ask, “One of the Secretaries is missing. None of you would know anything about that, would you?”. All shook their heads to the negative.

After the HR Manager left, the senior cannibal challenged the other cannibals, with a snarly face asked, “OK, which of you idiots ate the secretary?” In the back of the group, a hand raised embarrassedly. “What’s wrong with you? For weeks we’ve been eating Managers, and nobody has noticed. Then you go and eat somebody important.”

Is there a moral to this story?

  • Does it have anything to do with how others might perceive you?

  • Might it have anything to do with “It’s good to be recognized for being productive?”

  • Does it have anything to do with being welcoming and friendly to New Hires?

Did you get any others?



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