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Random Thoughts

RANDOM Thoughts

OK, I googled it and could not find a “National Random Thoughts Day”. So, I claim it. IKR. Can I stop thinking now? I didn’t think so.

I’ve had the pleasure of being in some very interesting conversations over the last two weeks. (Yes, that suggests that conversations older than that were “not interesting” conversations.) Don’t follow that logic too far. You might have been involved in one or more of them.

Some of these conversations were pretty deep and introspective. Some contained a phrase or observation that popped into my mind hours or days later, like “take the word Scent”. Which letter is silent; the “S” or the “C”. Do you know how hard it is to keep eye contact with another person if your mind is considering that question? IKR

But, (I’ve told you before about “buts”. They keep coming up.) here are some more random thoughts that have randomly caught my attention. I’ll let you determine if there are any business related lessons or messages contained in them.

A Random Thought: Is it “things” that cause you stress? Do experiences bring you happiness? (Not always; but sometimes.)

A Random Thought: When it comes to Supervising People, don’t invest in liabilities, invest in assets. Ok, an in-the-moment- random thought: How long should you keep a liability?

A Random Thought: In life, it’s important to know when to stop arguing and simply let the other person be wrong. (Hmm, your facial expression suggests you’ve had that conversation play in your head before. Double hmmm, what’s the expression on the person you’ve been arguing with?) Let’s move on.

Random Thought: The setting…someone has come to you with a problem. The two of you are getting louder and louder wanting more “air time”. Have you ever stopped to think: “This Their story, it’s not my story?”

And, a last, one to send you on your way: “is it possible that oxygen is slowly killing us and it just takes 75-100 years to fully work?” ScoopWhoop.

I told you it was a random thought.



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