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Putting Your Time to Good Use...?

Some of you may study cloud formations. Some of you may collect and inventory “stink bugs” that come out of hiding at this time of the year.

Enlarging your vocabulary during this pandemic is also a good way to spend this extra time that you have on your hands. For example:

  • “Anathema” is the word that means someone or something intensely disliked. (Hopefully not applicable to co-workers or your boss.)

  • “Antidisestablishmentarianism” -(Yep the 28 letter word) means being against the withdrawal of state support from an established church. (IKR. I give you permission to use it toward other establishments of your choice.)

  • “Metathesis” - You know this one and don’t even know it. This is when someone rearranges the sounds or syllables of a word; like when spaghetti comes out pasketti. (Or, as one of my grandchildren informed us after saying he was “frucked”. “You know. The past tense of freaked.”

  • And, some of you have already decided that this exercise is “floccinaucinihilificatio” suggesting that this activity is worthless.

  • And then there are the “dishonorable or despicable”, which are synonyms for the ever-so-often used “ignominious”.

  • “Onomatopoeia” is naming something similar to the sound associated with it. (Like hiss, or splash or meow.) Listen up! Don’t try this one at work. (Like bellowing whale and your boss.) Trust me on this one.

Some of you are shaking your heads. Some of you are mumbling. Ok, so how are you using your time? I dare you. Share other words in your vocabulary and I’ll share them via “So How’s That Working For You?” readers. (If not “words”, what are you doing with your extra time?)



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