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Where Do You Go To Learn How To Behave With Professionalism?

Can you go to school for a degree in it? Good question.

It’s not a job title; but it is how you do your job in a world where ethics are under pressure.

It’s not a job title; but it is how you treat people, even if you wouldn’t invite them to your backyard BBQ.

It’s not a job title; but it shows up in the way you successfully find ways to work effectively with people who rub you the wrong way.

It not a job title; but is recognized by others in the choices you make.

It’s not a job title; but it can be observed in people who are open to learning from others regardless of job title.

It’s not a job title; but their core values are on display every day.

So, when it comes to “developing one’s professionalism”, a paramount attribute is ACCOUNTABILITY. Genuine Professionals hold themselves to a high level of standards when it comes to the promises they make, the words they use, the behaviors they act out, their honesty and integrity.

BUT, it’s not a title when it comes to professionalism, it’s not a title you give yourself. The people you work with, the people you supervise, the people who pay more attention to your actions more than just your words…they hold the power to extend the trait.

So, now you know. If I missed anything. Weigh-in on the conversation. Dare to have it with your co-workers.


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