You probably know me well enough to know I have ideas and opinions…on a lot of things.

So, what are your ideas about what Spurs productivity or Kills productivity?

Workplace surveys say the top productivity killers, by percentage are:

  • Email 31%

  • Social media watching 36%

  • Gossip (yes, it’s alive and still causing problems) 37%

  • Surfing the Internet 44%

  • Cellphones 52%

(Technology is still a love/hate thing. 61% of your workers say they can’t do their job without access to email, while 54% can’t do their job without the internet.) ANDDDDD…40% of people sleep next to their phone and, AANNNd 48% of people check their phone up to 25 times a day.

And what about meetings? They aid or add to productivity. Right? Wrong. 40% of your staff think meetings waste their time.

And, are you ready for that obligatory animal-kingdom analogy?

What about those often cited ant-colonies as models of productivity? Researchers have now declared that while most ant colonies are very productive; most ants don’t actually participate in the work being done. They watch other ants work.

Maybe you should put more stock in worker bees…..


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