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Powerful Learning…

Words have power.. And, sometimes major learning can come from just a few words; but, you have to be ”open” to the prospect that there is something you might learn. Great novels use a lot of words. It might take a lot of words to explain an idea or things that are very technical. But, let me share some very short stories, (and I don’t know the originators), and see if they might “reinforce doing good, that might prompt change for the better, or may cause you to dare to do different…to not only benefit “you”; but also others around you. Let’s see:

· A small village was experiencing severe drought. It was decided to have a “day of prayer for rain”. All of the village gathered together on the day of prayer; but only one boy came with an umbrella. That is FAITH.

· When we toss a young baby into the air, they laugh because they know we will catch them. And, that is TRUST.

· We go to bed each night with no guarantee that we will be alive in the morning. But, we still set the alarm to wake up. Isn’t that HOPE?

· Do you “plan” for big things tomorrow, next week, and years out beyond…in spite of not knowing what awaits? That’s called CONFIDENCE.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. That means respect for, investment in, and lifting up the persons next to you is STRENGTH.

We are living in a time of world suffering; yet because of faith, trust, hope, and confidence we will make it through. That is a BELIEF IN THE FUTURE.


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