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Ponderings and Just Plain Ponderings

Ponderings In The Workplace and Just Plain Pondering

There are great and memorable sayings about the world of work. For example, “I you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

But, there are also sayings like: “Always find a lazy person to do a hard job. They’ll find an easy way to do it.” (Really?)

Or, “Do not underestimate your abilities. That’s your boss’s job.”

And, maybe you worked with the millennial who said “If work is so terrific, why do they have to pay people to do it?”

Or, “I find it hard to take breaks…going back to doing nothing when the break is over is harder than it looks.”

“Want to know what giving a 100% at work looks like? Monday – 13%, Tuesday 26%, Wednesday 22%, Thurs. is 35% and Friday is 4%. I got it knocked.”

But enough with work (you could be pushing the 100% already.) So how about some just plain Ponderings:

- “If a pig loses its voice, does it become disgruntled?”

- “Why do Oversee and Overlook mean different things?”

- “Who came up with the name Evian for a $2 per bottle of water? Hold it up to a mirror. I think it reads NAIVE.”

- “Want to know the quickest way to find something you lost? Buy the replacement.”

- “If when you die and go to heaven are you stuck wearing your funeral clothes for eternity?”



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