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PLANs NALP Navigating Around Life's Predicaments

“As Life Happens”, there have been orders for one of our books in particular in the last week, “Navigating Around Life’s Predicaments – NALP”. Unexpected change (predicaments) happens. Sometimes the changes aren’t always for the worse. Sometimes, the change turns out for the better. This passed weak has been one of predicaments for close friends. These friends remembered this book and have reached out for copies.

Mo and I wrote NALP from our own life journeys, about what to do when PLANS change. It draws heavily from our 20 years of our faith-based, Youth Group leadership while Mo was Youth Minister of Church of the Transfiguration here in Pittsford, NY. It deals with the loss of loved ones, health issues, job loss, financial challenges, everyday life challenges in the workplace and home, disappointing plan changes in life.

NALPers chart a course of action toward new objectives and let go of the negatives of the past. It’s a faith-based view of things that can happen,

Of course, if you’ve never encountered any predicaments…you don’t need this book.


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