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Pandemic or Pandemonium in the Workplace

Sometimes a change of routine is for the good. I personally think a significant factor in responding to that observation is whether you or I have control over the change in the routine versus change being thrust upon you.

So, as a departure from the normal routine of the newsletters conveying a business lesson or tip, how about a small dose of irreverent humor? (Or, at least an attempt at humor.) Remember those folks in HR do deal with all kinds of workplace situations:

Sometimes the closest a person comes to perfection is “on their resume”. For example, an inexperienced applicant with absolutely no Supervisory background informed the HR Manager that they “expected a starting salary of $150,000 including full benefits.” The HR Mgr replied “How about $150,000, fully paid benefits, 6 weeks vacation and a car allowance?” The applicant said, “Wow, you’re kidding right?” The HR Mgr said, “Yes, I was just following your lead.”

And, doesn’t it seem like there are always those workers who watch and learn from a co-worker? In this time of pandemic disorder, a worker bet a co-worker that he could get their boss to give them the day off. The bet was on. So, the worker jumps up in the air, grabs on to a hanging light fixture, and declares that he is a light bulb. The boss comes along tells the worker that he is showing signs of pandemic stress and needs to go home. The worker drops down effortlessly to the ground and heads off to check out…followed by the co-worker. The boss asked where the second worker is going. The second employee responded; “I can’t work in the dark. I’m going home as well.”

And then, and then, the newly hired team member was asked why they left their last job. The new employee said, “It was something my boss said.” When pushed for specifics, the newbie said: “Well, he said. You’re fired.”

And, then there was the Millenial job seeker who was telling his friends about a recent job offer. “The Manager said they would start me at $3,000 a month and after 6 months, I’d be at $3,500 a month. I told them I’d start in six months.”

And, last of all, the HR Mgr. tells of the new hire who said they were excited that they had gotten a job at a paperless office. Everything was great they said until they needed to use the bathroom.

So, I hope this break in routine made you smile, at least a little.


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