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OK What's 227,760 Hours

Let’s visit your 86,400 seconds again.

Do you remember when I worked with you on your 24-hr. day? Ok, quick refresher…

Get your pencil out (Ok, for you techies, your fancy adding machine, laptop, or wrist computer.) IKR. Now multiply 24 hrs. x 60 minutes and then that answer x 60 sec. So, 24x60x60=86,400 sec. in your 24 hrs. day.

Now consider your workday. 86,400 sec was the 24 hr. day. Say you work a 10-hour day. That’s 10x60x60. That would be 36,000 secs of the 86,400 sec. And, an 8-hour day would be 28,800 sec of the 86,400 sec.

Want to be befuddled by another statistic? Sure you do.

Research has offered up that we spend 227,760 hours in bed over our lifetime. and that comes down to the data that says we are spending the equivalent of 33 years under the covers. Now consider that the average lifetime in the USA is 77 years. You do the math. ( I think that could be as much as 42+% of a lifetime.)

Now, the study I took this sleep info from did not give the average night’s sleepers. By my math of dividing 227,760 hours by that 77 years by 52 wks. and then by 7 days per week, it comes out to 8+ hours a night.

Whew, I was afraid I was going to find out that some of you were marathon sleepers who dreamed through all of the Bruce Willis “Die Hard” series. No, I have not.

The whole point of this trivia-like report is to bring to your attention the kinds of things that can take away from “Your Time”. Value your time. The older we get the faster time goes by. It’s called life.

Oh BTW, this article also suggested your sheets should be washed once or twice per week (don’t blame me), I’m just sharing this research by the Bedding industry. They study this stuff. And, there’s more: your bedding is best washed at 60 degrees. (SO much for my “the hotter the better” style.)

Hey, wake up.


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