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Believe it or not, I do still have to advertise and market the services of Top Line Performance. (IKR, you’d think that ALL of the “enlightened management” companies would come looking for me. Right?)

And, in the course of my marketing, I quite often encounter “stereotypical-perceptions” (management attitudes) that you might find hard to believe still thrive. Allow me to share some of these head-scratchers with you. Of course, there is a remote possibility that it is my Sales questions that might need work; but I’ll let you judge for yourself.

  • Have you ever wondered what a simple smile might do to the workplace mood in your office or department? What was that, “Not Yet.”

  • Have you ever considered that the best cure for turnover is retention? “Not Yet. We expect high turnover. That’s why we keep the hiring sign out.”

  • Do you provide any structured “new hire orientation”? “Not Yet. We figure the good will survive and the not so good will leave.”

  • When you promote from within, do you provide any training to the new Supervisor? “Not Yet. We figure they will watch and learn.”

  • When someone does a good job does anybody give Positive Reinforcement? “Not Yet. Doing something the right way is what they are supposed to do.”

  • Besides mandatory technical or compliance training, do you ever invest in Training for your employees? “Not Yet. We figure that if we trained them, they might leave.”

  • Did you ever consider that if you don’t invest in Training, that they might stay? “Not Yet.”

  • When you hire a Supervisor from the outside, do you explore exactly what training they have actually had, and asked for specific examples of how they have solved problems in past assignments? “Not Yet. We just take their word for how good they are.”

Now, the symptoms of NOTYETitis can worsen into another full-blown condition…chronic SHOOTYOURSELFINTHEFOOTitis .

Are you shaking your head? I thought so. Take care of yourself.



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