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New Hire Success

You have the power to make more New Hires Successful and High Performers

The more I read about the success and failures of “new hires”, the more I come across descriptive words like “cultural fit”, “values” and “attitudes”. In fact, I just read an info piece by Leadership IQ that included the observation that “Most new hires are NOT going to be high performers in your company.” IKR, that got my attention too.

But, (Isn’t there always a “but”?), there was a twist to the article. The “twist” is the idea that YOU the Manager or Supervisor is the “variable”. And, they identified that historically and currently the quality and the very presence of Training provided to Supervisors and Managers by employers was greatly delayed if even given.

Now here's the “opportunity space”. You’ve heard me say it before, “You the Supervisor have the power and capacity to create self-fulfilling prophecies.” If you have a pre-bias that most people are basically lazy, they will meet those expectations. However, if you have optimistic expectations and are willing to invest in people they will prove you right more times than not.

Why? Because when you invest in people being successful in their jobs, you are doing so many other things as well. For example, when you choose to set people up to succeed, you’re extending respect to them as a person. You recognize them. You are saying “I want you to succeed.”, “I want you to become a part of my Staff.” “You are joining “us”.

But a reminder…you must also accept the responsibility to put forth your best “YOU”. You have to take the first step to use Positive Reinforcement to shape behaviors, to be able to ”Define what GOOD looks like”, and Treat all of your staff with RESPECT.

That’s all it takes to change the numbers when it comes to creating more successful New Hires.

And, if you get good at it, you’ll have to do it less often. (You’ll get that in a minute or two.)


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