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“Navigating Around Life’s Predicaments” (NALP)

Yes, it’s the title of a book written In 2010 by my wife and I. The subject matter covered a broad spectrum, including being entrepreneurs and the related challenges and obstacles of starting and running a business and the predicaments that come with that endeavor. Mo, my wife, and I were Youth program leaders in our church community working with teenagers. Their life experiences, predicaments faced, also ran the gamut of social issues, to moving forward after sexual assaults and the loss of teen life. And, we often found ourselves immersed in the business predicaments of our business clients. These ranged from dealing with the predicaments that come with fast growth to unexpected business downturns. (There are amazing common predicaments).

In this time of Covid influenced “everything”, let me share some “Navigating Around Life’s Predicaments” applications. NALP, which is PLAN spelled backward. It is what you do when the “Plan” changes, not necessarily fails. Because sometimes when the “Plan” changes, things can work out for the best. Oh, by the way, NALP is pronounced Nallp.

So, what’s a predicament? Right now, is a predicament. The pandemic happened. The pandemic is happening. “Business as usual” is no more. Business pain has, maybe is, happening. Financial pain has occurred; is occurring. And, quite possibly, Personal pain has been; is occurring. What has happened to the entire business community was not in your control. What you do and how you do it, however, are choices yet to be made. For example, as unexpected change(s) come your way, do you ditch your PLAN?

A NALPer will recognize the parts of the Plan that were and still are, “Good” and build on those parts.

Some things may be in your control; but not all things. There is a difference.

NALPers also recognize that, if there was ever a time that “everybody needs to be on the same page”, it’s now. Are they?

It’s a perfect time to Correct, Confirm, and Clarify. It’s a time to acknowledge when people do things right. Don’t presume they know.

Like each of you, we have lived through a lot of Life. Look forward and be optimistic.

NALPing is finding a way to move forward positively. I hope you NALP.



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