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My Eagle and Rabbit Parable

As a reminder, a “Parable” is a story with a lesson. Another parable I’ve heard is the one about the Eagle and the Rabbit encounter. The original was probably a lot more sophisticated and philosophical than my version, but get over that and possibly learn something from my iteration.

“A rabbit was walking hurriedly through the woods with no apparent destination. As it wandered aimlessly, it spied an eagle sitting on a limb, resting and doing nothing. The rabbit hollered up to the eagle, asking if it would be OK if it too, also just sat and did nothing. The eagle interrupted its “doing nothing” and responded. “Sure, go ahead.”

And the rabbit just sat on the ground at the bottom of the tree. In fact, the rabbit sat under the tree “doing nothing” for days. One day a fox appeared and made dinner for the rabbit. ( I know. That was a mean ole’ fox.)

Possible lessons of the story:

  • To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up. (I had to throw that one in. ha)

  • You might be on the right road but if you’re standing still, you could get run over.

  • Wandering aimlessly is hard work too, and it doesn’t get you anywhere you want to go.

  • Doing nothing will catch up to you. It’s often just a matter of time before it does.

I have yet to understand why a rabbit would believe the eagle, but that’s maybe why it's called a parable. Maybe it has another possible “lesson”. Beware of foxes in eagle’s clothes? That is probably too much of a reach. Right. IKR


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