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Monkey Handcuffs - Let Go

Is it possible that “YOU” could be your biggest obstacle to goal achievement, an enjoyable life, fulfillment, a track record of accomplishment, and the respect of those around you?

Whoa, all of that?

It occurs more often than you might expect. Let me stir your thinking…

To this day I’m told, that in some countries people trap monkeys as a way of life. Their tools are primitive; but effective. They let the monkeys actually capture themselves. A simple jar is strapped to a tree or rock. A banana is dropped into the jar and the Trapper leaves, to come back later. The monkey comes along and puts its paw and arm into the jar and grabs hold of the banana. But (there’s always a “but”…one “t”.), the fist holding the banana can’t fit through the neck of the jar…holding the banana. Monkeys won’t let go and end up trapping themselves. Learn from monkeys. Holding on to disappointments from your past may mean you are looking backward; not forward. Let it go!

And. holding-on to anger is easier to do than letting go of it. But Buddha is quoted as saying “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Let it go!

Start right now, today. Let go of the disappointments of your past, appreciate what still remains is opportunity, and look forward to the future ahead of you. Very few of us can take a successful journey looking in the rearview mirror, driving in reverse. Let it go!

When you are inclined to doubt your potential for growth and success; when you might think you are too small to make an impact, too far down the organizational-ladder; just think about the teeny, tiny mosquito who goes to bed with you. (Hmm, did that analogy fit? IKR)

I’ll close with a conundrum for you (Look it up.): “More people die on Monday morning at 9 a.m. than any other time of day. Does this mean that people would rather die than go to work?” And, consider-me-this, ( A bit of Batman relate.) Look around you at 9 o’clock. Is there anyone around you who died long ago and have yet to be buried? Now, deep breath …were there any mirrors in your line of sight?


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