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Mind Your Own Business

Over time, I have observed that life can be complicated. (IKR) And, sometimes it seems we go out of our own way to make things more complicated than it has to be…and end up adding more complications on top of the complications already there. (Another IKR)

You’ve heard the phrase, “misery loves company”. Some of us even consciously spread misery to others in the mistaken presumption (do those word go together?), that we will feel better if we aren’t alone in our misery. So, we find fault with others.

Here’s an alternative view. In our business-life and in our personal-life; instead of looking for faults in others recognize where self-improvement might change your circumstance for the better. I try to remind myself, before giving in to premature “judging”, that living my own life is a full-time job. When I lose site of that, things can get even more complicated. I don’t need more of that.

I read somewhere, mistakes are proof you are trying. I take comfort in that. (Just ask my wife.) “Don’t waste a good mistake…learn from it.” says Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. If that advice makes sense to you, for you…why not be generous enough to apply it to those you work with.

So, allow me to move the quotation marks in the newsletter title. Instead of “Mind Your Own Business”, read it this way: Mind “YOUR” Own Business.



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