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Leadership and Self-Esteem

Leaders are typically good at “People Skills”. Of course, there are examples on examples of the self-confidence of leaders. Stories of Leaders speak of their Charisma ( compelling charm that can inspire devotion in others, or possessing a divinely conferred power or talent). IKR, I looked it up.

But I’d like to entice you (tempt you with a new take or idea.). I looked that one up too. And, I know these ideas or quotes came from someone(s) else. You can look them up or give me credit.

For example, it’s been my observation over time that Leadership is a behavior; not just a job title or rank. And Those Leaders who “get the most ink” have s history of looking at people whom they supervise or lead that is complete with a consistency of behaviors that “lift peoples’ vision to seeing higher sights for themselves in ways that lead to them seeing higher heights as achievable…which “looks like” raising their personal performance to a higher standard.

Or, said another way, real Leaders believe in developing people who believe in themselves. People who believe in themselves can accomplish amazing things. It’s called developing a staff of people who feel good about themselves; they are made to feel “valued” by their Supervisor and their coworkers.

And, here’s another one of those tangent “ideas” to cause you to ponder after you put this newsletter.

“Leaders” understand that their role calls for them to “Make Choices”; before the choices of others make them.

Think about those Leader behaviors written above. As you look around you right now and in your prior professional experiences. Who do you/would you prefer to follow; a mediocre manager who only “tells people what to do”? Or, one who builds self-esteem, and builds a staff that believes in their individual talents; but also believe in their collective value and contribution potential.

There’s no question for me. How about you?


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