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Lack Accountability in Your Workplace?

The issue of “holding people who work for you accountable” is not a new one. It preceded the “Covid-Pandemic” thing. BUT. This “Covid-Pandemic” thing has magnified it for some.

Wasn’t it the Riddler, in Batman comic books, who said “Riddle me this (these)”: (I’ll make it a little easier for you by acknowledging that there is some overlap in the examples.)

· Have you noticed a lack of, or limited, engagement across your employee group?

· With hindsight in play, have you come to recognize that your employees have the

same vocabulary list as you have; but the definitions aren’t the same? (Or, so they say.)

· Have you been disappointed more than once, with issues of “unclear priorities”?

· How about “ineffective execution” due to lack of clarity to “What GOOD looks like?”

· Even considering all of the “Covid related influences”, has productivity declined and


· And, has rationalizing and compromising become a “creeping complacency”?

Accountability is an attitude that translates into behavior. (Go check it out for yourself. IKR) Responsibility refers to “given” authority (i.e. in a job) or the expectation of performing to a job description.

If you recognize or are frustrated by the bulleted conditions above, it is YOU who has the responsibility to pursue “different”. But…what is your attitude toward those bullets? (Just Asking.)

Not all businesses, but some businesses, have experienced, unexpectedly, that forced downsizing has resulted in “being able to get the job done with fewer people”. There is a message there for both Supervisors and non-supervisors. For Supervisors, it might be an awareness of the reality of some of the bullets above. For non-Supervisors, what is your attitude and behavior?



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