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Is your Staff"... a reflection of you?

How about a game of “What if?” Sort of?

An exclamation: “Your group of Managers and Supervisors are a reflection of YOU.” (Did I detect a slight pause in breathing as you considered that proposition?) IKR

Let’s see. Who communicates the expectations and who defines what GOOD looks like? Who trains the newly hired, or just promoted, into their new role? Who models “pitching-in”, both when there is a deadline, or not.

Who creates the workplace culture under you? Who sets your Managers and Supervisors up to be successful by them with the “tools” to do their job? Are you the example of treating people with respect? Are you intolerant of disrespect of others by those around you? Do you “champion” creating an environment that is “welcoming”. And, do you shape your Managers’ behaviors through positive reinforcement?

Let’s close with this domino-like “consider me this”; (C’mon, right out of Batman: ”Riddle me this.”) Having thought over “Is your group of Managers and Supervisors a reflection of YOU?”

Are your employees, at the most entry-level positions, a reflection of their boss?

It’s hard “to expect of others what you don't hold yourself accountable to.”



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