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Ok, Like how many of you have that condition? Let me guess at a “typical day”.

You head out to work thinking about your “already full plate” of things waiting for you. By the time you arrive at the parking lot, you’ve got a plan in your head of how you are going to handle everything you know is awaiting. But when you arrive there’s already a blinking light on your desk phone. Add to that there are two or three people waiting to intercept you with two or three (or four) new things to add to that plate I mentioned only a moment ago.

Sound familiar?

Now add to that list, you have an employee who has called-in leaving a message that they won’t be in today and you have to spread their workload over everybody who did come to work today. And then there’s that “problem employee whom you had planned to have a “counseling” conversation with today, but you can’t quite see when that’s going to happen today…but it needs to happen today. And then, the next thing to be dealt with and the next.

But, (isn’t there always a “but”?) as you have that first sip of hot coffee; you say to yourself: “Self, I got this.” And you do.

Because you are a “leader”. And because you are a leader and like your job, and respect the people who work for you, you are constantly honing your “anticipation” skills. Because you are a capable leader, you are able to direct the talents of those you oversee, to perform their jobs successfully. You are even able to conduct that counseling conversation with the “underperforming employee”…out of respect for that employee, and out of respect for the rest of your staff who are “doing” their jobs.

And then it’s the end of the day and you take that ride home. And on that ride, you selfishly ask yourself: “Self”, what did I do WELL today? And, when you’ve come up with at least two things, YOU give YOU credit for a job done well. Because you know that “If you never had a problem, YOU wouldn’t know YOU could solve problems.”



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