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If You Knew Then What You Know Now

If You Knew Then What You Know Now…

It sounds like a Kenny Rogers or Roger Whitaker song verse. IKR. Let’s take it in and let it roll around in our minds. (Trust me, there’s room.) Some of you have gone to work every day; but not all of you. But for all of us, there has been time to think about “stuff” (You do remember that’s one of my “technical” terms.)

What have you reflected upon? Has it been how different it might be when you do go back to the worksite? Is it how different it will be working again, with people you haven’t been around during this quarantine situation? Is it why aren’t you excited about returning to work? Is it hesitation about being away from those you have been with 24/7? (That includes people and pets.)

When it comes to thoughts having to do with working; have you thought about “things you have done up to this point in time? If you are among the “normal” among us, you will have revisited your “successes and positives” and past “failures or failings”.

You could do something with the “awareness” and the “lessons-to-be-learned” from these mental exercises,

Now that we are “Re-opening the country”, it may be that YOU could look ahead and “focus on the future” re-opening you. So, what am I thinking about? Sometimes you can get “do-overs” (from City Slickers…look it up). Have you thought about things you should have done differently? Have you revisited things you are proud of doing in your work and with the people you have worked with? Could you, can you benefit from “what you know now that you didn’t know then”?

There are four things I would add to the list of “stuff” you might include in moving forward:

  • Funny thing about our travel through life, the tests come first and lessons come after.

  • “Thinking” about changing is the easy part. Do you have the courage to change?

  • When it comes to your failures and failings, they can be the foundation for what you can become.

  • When assessing a problem you have faced or are facing now, recognize what things that are/were in your control and those things that were/are not in your control. Hint: they aren’t the same question.)

In closing, a flash back (you can look at in the newsletter Blogs), remember the Shamgar’s secrets: Start Where you are. Use what you have. Do the best that you can.



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