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If You Continue To Do

If You Continue To Manage The Way You’ve Been Managing…

Those 3 dots mean You are supposed to finish the “thought/idea”. For example, maybe it could be “If You Continue To Manage The Way You’ve Been Managing, you’ll continue to get what you’ve been getting.”

Or maybe, If You Continue To Manage The Way You’ve Been Managing it’s going to get worse. Or, If You Continue To Manage The Way You’ve Been Managing you’re going to get a lot worse.” Or “worser”.

Not All businesses; but many businesses need to reassess their company cultures. A lot of companies are waiting for “things to return to how they were” once upon a time (say 3 years ago): Those times when there were plenty of applicants; when everybody wanted to work hard in order to have a “Good Life” (that time when the idea of being unemployed had a negative connotation). For example, remember when people thought in terms a “work-life balance”? Have you paused long enough about what’s motivating your workers right now? Is it possible that the phrase right now is a “life-work balance”? (It’s all about where you put the M-phasis-on-the-Syl-able.)

And, there are still workplace cultures that have long-held (and long-wrong) beliefs about employee retention and engagement. What am I talking about? Survey and Study after study have identified what employees say is most important to them compared/contrasted with what Managers think motivates and influences employees to Stay or Go. Specifically, employees identify 1. Appreciation for work done (recognition) and 2. Feeling being “Accepted/Respected”. Managers, in large numbers, on the other hand, think number 1. Is Money (good wages) and 2. Job Security. Important to note is that wages, for example, are important to workers; but actually rank #5 for workers.

So, what are some of the things I am urging Supervisors, Managers and Business Owners should consider? Since you asked (IKR), here are a few:

· If you don’t know your Turn-Over rate, why don’t you?

· If you don’t know “why people are leaving”, why don’t you?

· Your Supervisors are in positions to change your Turnover rate. Do you equip them, train them, and invest in them to change your workplace culture?

2023 can be the year you create a workplace of positive and high expectations. It can happen through the talent of your Supervisors and their behaviors to Grow people, Set people up to succeed, interact with Respect, give Recognition and Include-people-in.

(Now, if you are a Supervisor, Manager, or Business Owner who is already doing the things to be talked about next; KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING).

That’s all.


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