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If I train them, they might leave...

“Hmm, if I train them, they might leave the company.”

I think I shared this experience with you once before, but this “re-opening” we are all caught up in makes it worth resurrecting. (Deal with it.)

I once sat across from a business owner talking about the prospect of providing Training within his organization. He said, “Hmm if I train them, they might leave the company.” To which I responded, “Hmm. If you don’t, they might stay.” (I hope that made some of you smile.)

So, how has the “new normal” treated your management team? Are they feeling the stress and pressure brought on by the Pandemic? Has, what once would have been a minor dilemma, brought clashes, and strained communications? And, what do challenges for Supervisors, when it comes to, inclusion and diversity look like? Have you noticed that your supervisory group has become more Rank and Authority, Direction-Givers than they previously were? (Leaders might be the word.)

Investing in people whom you already have in your organization typically pays a high ROI; be they, line-level, first-line Supervisors, or Senior Management Team members. For example, exposing supervisors to new training creates a “commonly shared experience” that can bring participants together. When people have a common vocabulary and a common set of definitions, it can lead to consistent implementation of policies and performance assessments. That’s a win-win. And for a Management Team, it can be a time for-resetting the compass on goals and objectives that “supposedly” everyone was on the same page with. (Really?)

AN UNAPOLOGETIC MARKETING ALERT: (IKR) I do on-site/in-person deliveries along with the On-line Zoom sessions.

And remember, exit interviews say more people leave because of a “boss” than they say they are leaving the company. So, when exactly was the last time you brought your team together to grow their supervisory and managerial skills?

If you're are a senior level decision maker in your company, I’d like to talk with you. If you aren’t; why not point them my way. My email address is Why not shoot me a brief email outreach.

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