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I'm Not Quitting The company. I'm Quitting My boss

Yup, it’s still the #1 reason given in an Exit Interview. Over and over, exiting employees say they are leaving their job because of their boss.

Sure, I heard of one guy who said he felt he was being overpaid…and even he didn’t think he was worth it.

And, then there was the person who, after a moment of reflection, said he was leaving because thinking up new ways to not do any work was getting to be too difficult.

Then, yes and then, on the record of one company is the employee who left because there was no dress-down Friday nor one-day-per-week informal attire allowance.

So, some of you might ask, “What are some of the telling signs that an employee is thinking of leaving?” Some are pretty obvious:

· “Good” work falls off and deadlines get missed.

· All of a sudden, the employee starts “dressing up” for work.

· Excuses to leave early or come in late grow occurs more and more often.

And, another and, if any of the above are noticed…pull out the person’s resume and take notice of prior job tenure and what did they write on the application as “reason for leaving”.

Or, has the nice, polite and always professional suddenly taken a turn toward complaining, sarcasm and unkind commentaries about co-workers?

Has the employee who always contributed ideas in meetings, become silent and distant?

And, when you walk by their desk, do they quickly exit Indeed or Career Builder? (That’s sort of obvious isn’t it?)

Wait, what was that…? What if the changed behavior identified above is yours? Really? Really?


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