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I Give You Permission

We humans can be the cause for Head-scratching at times. You know what I mean? Deep down, we know “what to do”; but for some reason (maybe fuzzy thinking), we hold back…and do nothing new or different.


As we start a new year, allow me to be the one who gives you “Permission” to do what you have thought of doing; but have held-off from doing anything “different”. Or, maybe there are things you have quietly thought of “trying”; but have declined doing because it could “backfire”. (Maybe you are not “doing different” because you might be embarrassed in your implementation. )


You know where I’m going already don’t you?


So let me “give you permissions”:

·       I give you permission to “scratch the surface”. Dare to create a workplace that you look forward to spending so much time at/in, to create a place that your staff will also enjoy spending time at too.

·       I give you permission to dare to implement a “self-development” plan for growing YOU. Like yourself enough to invest time and effort in YOU.

·       I give you permission to “invest in people”. Give yourself permission to bring your personal core values to work with you every day. Show respect for every person you supervise. Extend value to,  and consciously look for “effort” shown by your staff and your coworkers.  Try to catch people doing good.


What was that? Did I hear some of you mumble that “You don’t have to give me permission” to do those things. Really?


I’m going to give it to you anyway. It can’t hurt. It might even help.


Now get on with making this a new year of YOU.



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