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Humor - A Casualty of Covid?

On more than one recent occasion, I have had someone make the observation that there aren’t as many funny stories being shared or jokes being told. It’s like humor is in quarantine.

Let me take up the challenge to spread some slight-grins, smiles even; maybe even a hearty laugh. There may be one or two of these quips that you might decide to share. Go for it.

- Did you hear about the Supervisor who was trying to encourage an employee with an inferiority complex? The employee listened attentively until the Supv. asked if he agreed that he had an inferiority complex. The employee responded, “Yes, I do; but it’s not a very good one.”

- And, have you seen the advertisements: “Remains to be seen if glass coffins become popular.”

- Or, how about the book store employee who said: “My lack of knowledge about Greek history has always been my Achilles’ elbow.”

- And all you hiring managers, one frustrated job seeker got tired of getting those rejection letters…they wrote back stating that they were unable to accept any more

refusal letters and would therefore be reporting to work on the coming Monday.

- A Supervisor had to conduct one of those difficult conversations regarding personal hygiene? It didn’t go as planned. In the end, the employee said “I was addicted to

soap once, but I’m clean now.”

- And then there was the employee who had a workplace accident resulting in a broken arm in two places. When asked by the Supv. what the Dr. said, the employee said: “The Dr. said to stop going to those places.”

I hope I have been successful in interrupting the malaise around you. (An SAT word.) You may have heard some of them, but that’s why nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. IKR.


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