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How Are You Using Your 86,400 sec.


Line Pat Piles “So how’s that working for you?”

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How Are You Using Your Time?

OK, let’s look at your 24-hour day. In a day you have 86,400 seconds (You do the math. I’m right.) Of that 86,400 sec., you typically spend more time at work than you do with family and/or significant others. If your workday is 8 hrs., that equals 28,800sec. of the total 24 hr day of 86,400. (By the way, the second largest period of the 86,400 is sleeping.) IKR

So, how are “your” 28,800 seconds being used? You can’t save them for another day and have more time. You can’t give them away. They will be used.

Are they being used well? Are they being poorly utilized?

Are other people using your time?

If you could eliminate the “poor” usages of your time would you be able to do more of what you need/want to do?

Some things are in your control. Some things are not in your control. Know the difference.

If you delegated more, would that be a way to recover time?

If you prioritized the order in which you perform tasks or assigned others to perform tasks, would you find some of that 28,800 sec.?

Your time is only as valuable as you give it value. Don’t be complacent about time.

Oh, by the way, can you give me 5 minutes of your time? (That would be 300 sec. of your 28,800.)

Hmmm, let me see…



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