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"heroes Wanted...Sign Up Here."

No, that isn’t a typo that I didn’t catch.

The “h” in heroes is meant to be lower case. There is a shortage of “little h” heroes.

Those Super Heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, Supergirl and SuperWoman, (IKR, The capital letters are researched. Google it yourself.) they wear snappy outfits and oftentimes masks.

So, is a hero:

* Someone who helps others?

* Someone who can stay brave just a little longer?

* Someone who uses their skills, knowledge and abilities to benefit and lift up others?

* Someone who recognizes when they do not have to be a hero?

* Someone who can make the difficult decisions, even when they would prefer to not

have to?

* Someone who can be a hero to themselves when they have no one else to fill the


* Someone who holds people accountable to grow into their full potential?

Little “h” heroes don’t need the uniform and the masked face. They just have to look in the mirror.

Benefits of the job…they sleep with a smile on their faces. And, in the workplace, they have a quiet legacy of defending opportunity, effort, compassion, and accountability.

Think of your “h”eroes. What did I miss?


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