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Guess Whose Job Just Became More Complex and Complicated?

Right out of the chute, I’m going to leave it to you to go find out what Google says is the difference between Complex and Complicated. (Ok, OK, one has to do with how many component parts, and the other has to do with difficulty.) In a Reader’s Digest definition, Complicated has to do with the level of difficulty. IKR

You’re probably aware of the heightened focus of Anti-Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace legislation that kicked in, in 2018. (Allow me a generalization here.) Even after educational workshops, a lot of people still think “It’s a lot of stuff about sexual harassment and racial discrimination.” Not only is that inaccurate; it’s grossly incomplete.

In addition to the historically existing (but not necessarily enforced) implementation of the “sexual and gender-related and racially discriminatory” applications, there are “more component parts and more complexities” to deal with in the workplace.

“Protected” components of the “new and improved law” includes:

· Cultural awareness and sensitivity,

· Greater awareness and understanding of gender differences,

· Dealing with a workforce where religious beliefs, backgrounds, and lifestyles are not always the same.

· Appreciating that to “do nothing” is actually “doing something”. (Think that one through. What are you tolerating?)

As a Manager or Business Owner, you may not be able to or want to legislate beliefs; but you can define what “GOOD” behavior in the workplace looks and acts like.

Workplace problems can be both Complex and Complicated.

Inaction is actually an action. Hmm, is that complex or complicated?


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