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Each In Our Own Way

Every day we are faced with decisions that we have to deal with. What is your approach?

There’s a story that Trainers tell about a potato, an egg, and coffee grounds in pots of boiling water. What happens to each? The egg goes in soft and comes out hard. The potato goes in hard and comes out soft. And the coffee grounds brew an enticing cup of coffee.

Sticking with water as a factor, is the glass half empty or is the glass half full? Is your answer really THE answer? Or is the learning opportunity to realize that the glass can be refilled?

And, one final analogy to consider…I’ve been told that if a frog is dropped onto a Lilly pad in a pot of boiling water it will jump to get out. (Take my word for it. Do Not Try It.) IKR. On the other hand, if the frog is placed in the pot of water and the heat is raised slowly, the frog will not try to get out of their predicament…with a terminal conclusion.

I’ll let you determine the moral of each of these stories. I’ll also challenge you to determine how you react to adverse situations. Do you start out with a hard exterior every time? Do you find a way to make “good” out of what first seems a negative? Is your first reaction to immediately measure a situation in terms of “more or less”? Or, do you have a tendency toward “complacency”. (Whatever happens, happens.) Do you have one way and only one way to respond to “situations”? Is that a good thing?

So, do you like “Your moral?” Life is about learning. Did you learn anything besides “don’t be the frog”?


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