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"Don't Burn Your Bridges..."

There’s some deep learning in that phrase. And, it doesn’t matter if you are realizing the message metaphorically or literally.

And, as your patience and the patience of those around you may be growing short during this “Pandemic Thing” pause where you are and think-through the action (or actions) you are about to take. Will the consequences of your act (or actions) be contained and limited or will they be broad and wide-ranging?

Think about the “aforementioned” bridge. Does the “bridge” represent a tangible, honest to gosh, bridge? Or, does it represent a relationship? If the “bridge” represents a relationship that you “burn-through”, will you be able to repair the bridge (relationship) over time?

And, some of those “metaphorical bridges” can be as irreparable as some relationships may not be “fixable”. For example, can mere words (did I really say mere words), poorly chosen words, cost you a professional opportunity because possibly, a “trust” was broken or harmful words were spoken? The answer is yes. IKR

In fact, it goes farther than that. What about “neglect”? Can neglect damage a physical structure? YUP. Can neglect cause a relationship to weaken or disappear? Another YUP.

There are some bridges you cannot rebuild. There are some bridges you cannot walk back over. The damage is too severe.

So, “grasshopper”, think twice; even thrice. (I’m am sorry. I couldn’t resist that.)

It takes time to build physical bridges and relational bridges. Don’t burn them in haste.

There may be “a time and a bridge” that you decide to burn. Think it through and anticipate the potential consequences.


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