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Do You Make The Problem-Solver List?

Should You Be Included In The List Of Problem Solvers?

Ok, what qualifies someone to be a “problem solver”? (I bet I’m going to talk about this differently than you expect. Let’s see.)

Well, to make this list, the attributes of problem-solvers begin with how they view each day, and in fact, how they view the role of “living life”. For example, do you view life as an optimist or with a victim mentality? Do you look at your personal challenges with the anticipation of a “good” outcome, or do you fail to recognize the “opportunity” presented by the challenge.

It’s my observation that “problem-solvers” solve the right problem. Solving the wrong problem may result in temporary “feel-good”; when in reality, it really means you will have to face it again. (IKR)

Sometimes when you cannot solve a problem, it means you don’t understand the cause of the problem. Problem solvers look for cause-and-effect linkages.

When problem-solvers include other people in the problem-solving process, they take the time to be sure all of the parties are solving the same problem. (Another IKR)

When groups tackle problem-solving, savvy problem-solvers know that there needs to be ONE Process Leader.

Problem Solving calls for a willingness to be amazed…at the simplicity, as well as at the complexity of a solution. There is wonder to be appreciated in both.

So, here’s something to ponder until the next newsletter. A positive attitude may not solve the problems that come your way; but you may annoy other people enough to make it worth it.


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