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Do You Know Your Core Values?

Consistently Consistent or Consistently Inconsistent

…We’re talking VALUES

So, what do you think? Gross generalization or statement of undeniable fact? I think it can be all too uncomfortably accurate; myself.

Let’s explore the topic. I suggest to you that what we believe, are committed to, and give value to, is an indication of how we think and feel. And, how we think and feel about an issue often translates into actions and behaviors. Let me give you an example. If I believe in (value) people regardless of rank or title in the company, it will show in my manner toward them and how I behave with them. If I value people and extend worth to their existence I will acknowledge them with a smile and a “hello”. If I am a person of honor and not only have self-respect; but also respect for others, I will take time to learn about them and their families. By contrast, if I place little value on integrity or trustworthiness, I will be known for sharp practices, little loyalty and very flimsy relationships. My actions will be influenced by self-benefit and I will be recognized over time for the inconsistency of my decisions with regard to what’s right, wrong, fair or unfair.

Many of us cannot immediately declare what our five most closely held values are. Can You? Let me give you a little help. Here is a list of values (things that will guide and influence our decisions and ultimately our actions). Circle your five.

Faith - Family - Job Title – Success – Quality of Life – Making Lots of $ - Knowledge – Purity – Creativity

Reputation – Ethics – Competency – Job Security – Status – Power & Authority – Friendships – Self Respect

Time Freedom – Patriotism – Independence & Autonomy – Fame – Honor – Reliability – Trustworthiness

Integrity – Creative Expression – Equality – Compassion – Diversity – Empathy – Love - ???

What do they look like in your work behavior? What do they look like in your personal life? If different, why? By the way, it has been my observation over the years that when coming up with the primary five is difficult, or none have exceptional value that it is easier to compromise any values.

What is your experience?


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