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Do You Ever Think About Your Legacy?

How about some more speculation about your “LEGACY”? You know Legacy, that reputation, and those memories that other people remember when you’re not around.

For this chronicle entry (this newsletter) Those things you are remembered for; not just what you might have said, but your actions related to the times, places, and circumstances when you had one of those “teachable moments”. And YES, these will be business-focused examples (that you can take into your non-work world directions later).

As a Supervisor or Manager of people, do you micro-manage or do you GROW people? Do you model the very behaviors you want your staff to adopt and act out themselves? When they bring a problem to you, are you known to ask them for their solution before solving the problem yourself? After all, they’ve known about the problem longer than you have. (It encourages them to think and use their growing workplace knowledge.) And, when they have made a mistake or possibly pursued the wrong course to a solution, are you quick to criticize and immediately point out the error of the thinking or focus on their suggested ineptness? Or, do you ask “What have you learned?”

You do have choices. Always remember that. Because, how you behave, and how you treat people will become part of your “legacy”.

Guide people and Direct people out of respect for the people you Lead. Advice is a suggestion for how to get to a different situation. Advice is often rooted in your expectations and perceptions and therefore can be discarded by the receiver.

Instead of being known to “give advice”, you should “live advice”. It’s how You Live Your Life every day that is the best form of advice. Let your life be an example for and to others. No word has to be spoken, but your example is a clear answer.

Try it out.

Can you imagine how it might sound if some of these attributes were spoken into your legacy?


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