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Decisions, Fear, Legacy, Where you Are

“Sometimes you make the right decision. Sometimes you make the decision right.” Phil McGraw. As we face problem-solving situations, our first decisions may not, in fact, turn out to be the best decisions we could have made. But what might we do upon that realization? How about making a new decision? It’s called “persisting”.

“When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead.” Gen. George Patton. Sometimes an “educated guess” is the best choice available. If you confirm that you have considered those things that were/are in your control, and recognize those things, not in your control, that’s an educated guess. Sometimes, that’s as good as it gets. Go ahead.

“It’s in the decisions we make, one after the other that shape our legacy.” Pat Piles (IKR) Decisions are only words unless followed by our actions. How do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be remembered for your curt, abrupt manner, and for never “developing” the talent of people who reported to you? Or, would you prefer to be remembered for all of the people you trained? Do you want to be remembered for being “approachable and open to ideas”, for showing respect, and for “valuing” everyone as a “contributor” to the goals achieved?

One of the hard decisions you may be confronted with is to choose which bridge to burn and which to cross. Think long and hard about “burning bridges”. There will likely be times it would be nice to have one of those burned bridges to cross again. Like Winston Church advised, “When you’re going through He_ _, keep on going.”

“The only difference between where you are and where you want to be, are the steps you haven’t taken yet.” Rigel Dawson. Have a PLAN. If you don’t know where you want to go, you could end up somewhere else.

It’s been my observation that the worst conversation that you or I could ever be involved in is the one you have, with yourself while looking in your bathroom mirror. That conversation where one of “you” asks the other… “I wonder what might be different “if only”?

Decisions, Fear, Legacy, and Where You Are. IKR



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