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Dealing With Change

I believe all of us would agree that we are ”living in interesting times”.

Did you know that “living in interesting times” is purported to be an old Chinese saying that can be taken as a blessing and a curse.

We each interact with a change in our lives differently. Some of us become victims of change. Some of us address change with optimism. Some say only babies like change. (IKR) Some of us just “Cope”. In life, things happen around us, things happen to us, but the only thing that truly matters is how you choose to react to it and what you make out of it.

How about you?

It’s been my observation and experience that “stuff happens”. It’s also been my experience and observation that sometimes, what has happened was in my control and sometimes not. Both are “learning opportunities”. How do you come through stronger and not weaker?

It’s ok to be disappointed at times. It’s ok to be angry at times. It’s also ok to challenge yourself to be selfish about what you do in response to unexpected change. “Selfish” to not adopt a “victim or defeated” view. “Selfish” in being there for those who count on you.

When you encounter predicaments, look back, only long enough to identify which parts of the plan were good and should be saved, and which parts you will eliminate as you persist in going forward. (Remember that people rarely take a long trip driving in reverse, guided by the rear-view mirror. Look forward.)

As I previously observed, “stuff happens” It’s “our choice” when it comes to how we deal with change. Dealing with change calls for us to “Learn, Adapt (sometimes adopt new), and convert” predicaments into positive action.


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