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Dare to become a Leader

“Good” Supervisors and Managers have subordinates. “Good” Supervisors and Managers get more things done by guiding and directing a diverse group of people than they could ever do alone.

And then are the “leaders”.

They are those individuals who “take it to the next level”. They think “Good to Great” every day. They build a reputation that only a track record of Words, Actions, Deeds, Trust & Respect can create.

Leaders have followers. Nobody wants to follow Mediocrity’. (Just askin’, “What are you doing that exceeds mediocrity?”)

Leaders know:

  • That empathy is different from sympathy; that understanding is essential for establishing a connection.

  • Leaders know where motivation comes from.

  • Recognition can be more powerful than money.

  • There is power in being consistently consistent.

  • Know the importance of seeing the big picture.

  • That admitting they made a mistake builds respect.

  • That “investing in people” pays a big dividend. ROI

Here’s a thought for you. It’s Mike (Michelangelo… Simoni), remember some of us get to use his familiar name. IKR). He said, “The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our goals too high, and falling short; but rather in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.”

In your heart of hearts, or at a gut level; what behaviors have you shaped in your direct reports…in yourself?


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