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Dare to Be A Visible Boss

I recently watched an episode of Undercover Boss on TV. I thought it was a current episode; but later found out it was from, wait for it… 2016. You are probably familiar with the program’s premise. Bosses go undercover and learn things about his/her business and gain surprise insights about the “people” who work for them.

Supposedly placed in real-world situations with random Trainer employee guides, the undercover Bosses get a dose of reality of how processes and procedures are working or not working.

But there is another takeaway for the Bosses. They find themselves re-appreciating that their “employee guide” is a “person”. They have value. They are more than “a doer of things”. They are influenced by their surroundings, how they are treated, and by the simple power of recognition for their effort.

It’s 7 years later and I’m going to acknowledge that Bosses and Businesses have, for the most part, probably gotten even better at assessing processes and procedures effectiveness and ineffectiveness.

I, however, think the “people” lessons of this 7-year-old episode are even more critical today. Today’s workforce is more than ever responsive to those same influencers”: of being appreciated, being valued as a person. Todays workforce is “looking for reasons to stay”. That goes for new hires and longer service employees too.

If you want people to STAY, you’ll act on these things. If you think turnover is beyond your control, it will be. You create the culture of your department, of your business. It’s a reflection of YOU.

And, You don’t have to go “undercover”. In fact, I encourage you to be VISIBLE to your staff. Get to know your staff. Ask for input. I challenge you to “catch people doing “GOOD”.

Never forget that your staff is a reflection of You and what You Value. It’s how you perceive the people you spend the greatest portion of every 24-hour day.



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