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"Continuing to do what you've done, getting same results..."

“If you continue to do what you’ve always done; you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten.” Anonymous

OMG, another one of those pithy sayings that you’re supposed to extrapolate (IKR) to some business or supervisory lesson. (Some of you are forming a headache already. I can sense it.)

This newsletter is coming at the beginning of a new year. So, maybe, just maybe you can run your own series of human-experiments to “extrapolate” your own conclusions. So, here is what I challenge you to do. In preparation for your quiz, ask yourself what “inferences” (extrapolations) you might draw from these workplace-signposts:

* What’s the difference between consistently consistent and consistently inconsistent in how you Supervise?

* What score or grade do you give to the quality and frequency of training given to new hires from the outside and those internally promoted? (This one requires that at least some training occurs.)

* Since the majority of people who leave a job say it’s due to the “Supervisor”, how would you describe the workplace culture here?

* The labor force is shrinking. What have you done different, to increase, improve retention?

* Give examples of your words and your behaviors that confirm that you respect the people who report to you.

The quiz has two questions:

* What’s the probability that you will do nothing different?

* Are you comfortable continuing to get what you’ve been getting?


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