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So what’s a “comfort zone”? Well, “comfort zone” is a term that describes a “safe place” where we “don’t risk”. It’s doing the same thing over and over because this results in an “Acceptable Outcome”. Unfortunately, it also can result in a lack of growth or development. It’s a construct that dates back to the early 1800’s.


For some of us, a comfort zone suggests “acceptability”. Too often used to rationalize the perception that there is “no need to strive for improvement in possible outcomes, effectiveness, and productivity.”


It’s an easy trap to fall into. “Comfort zone” suggests a psychological state that “feels safe”. There is a low level of hesitation or fear associated with “doing” something because there is a high probability for an “acceptable outcome”.


Unfortunately, if you never dare to perform to a higher level of achievement, you will never enjoy the experience of discovering new boundaries, new capabilities, and new, improved personal and professional growth areas. The act of “daring to do different in pursuit of Better” can be exhilarating and rewarding. The process of “daring to do differently” brings new expectations of you by you. And, the prospect of acting/behaving outside your comfort zone can also be a source of “new energy”.


If you look at yourself in the mirror and recognize that you have the potential to be better at your job, do something about it. If, in your gut, you feel you could be a better supervisor of people, try to.


So, go ahead. I dare you. Dare to “do better”, “be better”. One step at a time. Create new comfort zones.




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