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Can You Write With A Rubber Pen?

If you have never tried, it is a challenge. However, it is not a challenge that you cannot overcome. You just have to practice. You just have to be patient. You just can’t give up. You can’t quit trying.

Will your writing be as nice as it is with a regular pen or pencil? Initially, probably not. But it will be legible and over time it will improve and get better and better.

It’s possible that you might be training employees that have never assembled the products that your company is selling.

It’s possible that you might be working with employees in their first job.

It’s even possible that you might be working with an employee that has an “Attitude”. (That might be the toughest one.)

But just like the rubber pen, you have to be patient and can’t give up.

The employee who is new to your company may just need proper training time and “Practice”. They WILL catch on and may even move up the ladder to be a supervisor themselves one day.

The employee who this is their first job may need a little more guidance in areas such as work ethic. Always be on time. Do your best. Be there for your co-workers.

“Attitude” employees need guidance and counseling. They also need to understand that they are needed but not at the expense of causing issues with fellow employees or supervisors.

And when training gets YOU down a bit, rest if you must, but never quit.

Each of your employees is like a rubber pen. It takes time to learn how to utilize “what you’ve been given to work with”. But over time, things will get better and better.

Learn how to work with your available resources.

Are you going to find a rubber pen?



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