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BIG “L” LEADERS and LITTLE “l” Leaders

Maybe you’ve heard the terms used. What do they mean and what might they look like?

“Big L Leaders” have a title. Little L Leaders typically don’t have titles to go along with the “descriptor”.

Big L leaders are people in positions of authority.

Now let’s look at the “Little L leader” descriptors. Little L leaders do not rely on title to guide or show the way. They do not “direct” others because it’s not in their job description. Little L leaders often do not seek out notoriety. In fact, they may just “lead”. They may just lead by example. They may just be the person next to you at work who continually is looking forward. They quite often are the ones who “do” because something needs to be done. And, their actions and behavior examples cause them to be trusted to know what Is the “right thing to do”.

So, where does that leave us by comparison? Can Big L leaders also garner the same perception in the minds of those they supervise? That’s a big bonus when it does occur. Titled leaders who act the part, garner the trust of those they supervise, extend respect, and are transparent when they work alongside those they supervise when the situation and circumstance calls for it. They are beyond just being “titled” with the rank of Leader. They inspire, they set the example, and they “grow” people to perform to not only to their capability; but to their capacity.

Did I confuse you?

So which might want to be? Go for it.


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