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Be All That You Can Be

Wow, that’s a culture to aspire to. It’s more than a heart-stirring phrase. It’s a little hard to find out who first coined it. Some say Alex Trebek?? Some of you recognize it from an ad campaign of the US Army. So, what does it suggest?

Read it over a few times. With each reading. it might bring different thoughts to mind. After reading through the things that come to my mind, you can share your considerations with your feedback and I’ll share them. Let’s take a look together (you know, Employee and Employer):

* Employee - Put yourself in a situation that will expose you to becoming a better you. * * * Employer - Create an environment in which the people who work for you can find new outer limits of ability.

* Employee - If you “don’t know how to” … “dare to find out how to”.

* Employer - Treat “wanting to learn and do more” as an attribute of a “good hire”. Invest in your employees.

* Employee - Recognize that you will, quite often, spend more time at work than anywhere else. Make it a place you want to be.

* Employer - Recognize that you too will, quite often, spend more time at work than anywhere else. Make it a place you want to be. (No, it isn’t a typo.)

* Employee - Take confidence in studies that say happy employees are more productive.

* Me to Employer – Go ahead. Try that positive workplace thing. Dare to enjoy “increased productivity”.

And, (there I come again with that “and” IKR) if you choose to ignore Be All That You Can Be” dare to look in the mirror and ask “I wonder what might have happened if only…?”

Moral to the exercise for the employee: Be all that you can be and you might just surprise yourself. Dare to invest yourself in what you do in order to dare to recognize that you might just like it.

Moral of the exercise for the employer: Dare to create a workplace culture of positivity, recognition, and pursuit of untapped productivity. Be all that your leadership and interest in people could bring forth.


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