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ATTITUDE: the difference between “ordeal” or “adventure”

According to the Google dictionary, an “ordeal” is a painful or horrific experience. Synonyms include misery, tribulation, and nightmare.

And, “adventure” is defined as activity that is unusual and exciting; the exploration of unknown territory.

Those two definitions are very specific. However, it’s been my experience that “life” is quite often, less specific. The real meaning of “horrific”, the amount of “misery” and what it looks like is highly individual. And, how “unknown” is the adventure that awaits? Or, really, “exciting”… what is exciting for you may not give me the same tingly feeling.

So, let’s take our noses out of the dictionary and reflect on the workplace.

Here’s a proposition for you. Each and every day, you choose your attitude. You can choose to be a grouch today. You can choose a negative attitude that looks like following strict adherence to a job description, and never offer help to others. You can choose a “victim mentality” attitude as you go about your day and find fault with EVERYTHING and everybody.

Or, you can choose to bring infectious enthusiasm to the “piece of the world” you call “my job”. You can choose an attitude of “helpfulness to others”. You can choose an attitude of Respect and Self-Respect; an attitude that recognizes that you may be spending more time with co-workers, at work, than you do with family and loved ones. You can bring an attitude of “high expectations of self” to your job. You can choose an attitude that literally and figuratively, calls for you to sign-your-name to your work and the quality with which you do it.

“Choosing your attitude” could be one of the shrinking list of things that is still totally within your control. Choose wisely.

I hope your “ordeals” are minor. I hope your “adventures” are exciting.



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