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Assets and Liabilities that all businesses have in common.

Assets and Liabilities that all businesses have in common.

Frederick Taylor was/is considered to be the Father of Process Improvement. One of his axioms was that all businesses had two kinds of problems to contend with, regardless of whether they were big or small, for-profit or not-for-profit. They are People-Problems and Process and Procedure problems. And since it’s People who implement the Process and Procedures…pay attention to the People first. IKR.

Sometimes there are multiple meanings.

Figuratively, or mentally, or literally get some tape and hang that bit of data from the ceiling…where you can re-find it again.

Having done that, go find one of those “money and figures” people (it might even be someone with the title of Owner, (I’m easy to get along with.)

Now, go find one of those financial documents that have categories with titles like Assets, Liabilities or Expenses. Good, you all have it. All Right.

I’ll keep this part of the Quiz short. (You did realize there was a Quiz?)

Under the column that has you list as Assets, do you find equipment listed? Now, look around for column sections labeled Expenses. What things are listed as an Expense or Liability? Is this where Payroll and Salaries are listed?

So now, circling back to Frederick Taylor and to my observation that words have “meanings”, Equipment is listed under Assets… because the equipment has value. Don’t get too far ahead of me yet…Therefore, since Payroll and Salaries relate to people, and are listed as an expense or liability, are saying they are not an asset, nor have value. Now, Freddy Taylor might take offense.

Soooo, what would it look like if Business Owners, Managers, and Supervisors treated their staff as an Asset? I bet the ROI would be amazing.


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