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Are You An Anagram Boss?

You do know what an anagram is don’t you? Ok, how many of you had to look the word up?

And, since I’m at it…a show of hands…how many of you like these little side-trips I take where I have a conversation-like exchange with you, as if you were really able to respond to me? But, that could make “conversation” an anagram of “voices rant on”. (I couldn’t pass that one up.)

But what is an anagram boss? It’s not to hard to evolve into. An anagram boss might be one that has multiple styles that they bring to work each day and the game is to figure out which “boss-style” they are going to behave like. Think about it; do they want to be the “friend, buddy, or pal who wants to be liked by everybody; the style that the employees know they can manipulate? Or, are they behaving like the insensitive, un-compassionate whip-cracking, “I don’t care what is going on in your world; just get the job done.” boss on this day. Or, another or, are they over-their-head in their job. Do they just want to stay unavailable to you and to their bosses and make it to the end of the day? Both encounters or interactions come with questions to be answered. (That’s not a safe place to be in.)

Since I know there are no Anagram Supervisors among “So How’s That working For You?” readers…(Right?); let me share some other anagrams you might enjoy:

Dormitory – Dirty Room

Slot Machines – cash lost in ‘em

Eleven plus two – twelve plus one

The Eyes - They See

Astronomer – Moon Starer

Listen – Silent

Clint Eastwood – Old West Action

George Bush – He Bugs Gore

Statue of Liberty – Built to Stay Free



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