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Always give 100% ?

“Always give 100%...unless its blood donation.”

It’s one thing to hear that great philosopher, Bill Murray, say it in a movie. But there are others out there who like “pearls of wisdom”. Some apply to “life”, some to the “world of work” and some are looking for a place to land and an audience. For example:

“All good things come to those who wait.” Really?

-I had a particularly busy day…converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.”

“Have you ever noticed that you and I are inclined to exaggerate almost everything…except our own mistakes?” IKR

“Stress spelled backwards and spells desserts.” Coincidence? (Maybe not.)

-And then there is the person who quips, “Please don’t interrupt me while I am working hard to ignore you.”

-“In order for your secrets to not be safe with me, I would have to be listening wouldn’t ?”

“I was once told that sometimes when people talk to themselves it’s because they need expert advice.” (Ok, I admit it.)

“The world must be coming close to crisis. People are beginning to take comedians seriously.”

“Did you ever stop to think that you know nothing for sure…except that you know nothing for sure?” (It will take a minute; but invest the time.)

“I had a good day once. It was a Tuesday in January. No wait; was it June? No wait, has it come yet?” Ah, something to look forward to.”

Just remember “Always give 100%...unless its blood donation.”

You heard it here.


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