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Again and Again

OK, that’s repetitively redundant, isn’t it? Where will I go from here?

Well, I have talked again and again about investing in YOU. Let’s continue on that line of thought. (If you think you might be worth it.)

Ralphie Emerson (OK, Ralph Waldo Emerson) is quoted as having said, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” I like Emerson’s thinking because what he is acknowledging is that not making a decision is also a decision. IKR

As you go through your day(s), what grade do you give yourself for the job you are doing, in your work-life and in your personal life? In the hope that you will take the challenge to score yourself, here is the report card I created just for you:

· Are you committed to learning “more than you have to”?

· Are you open to taking-risks-to-push-forward?

· Do you live your values?

· Are you kinder than people expect of you?

· Do you always deliver more than is expected?

· Do you dare to be the difference?

I once heard someone say that they believed there were only a very few “absolutes” in life: one is to take nourishment (eat to survive), and another is to breathe the air around them; also to survive. They went on to say they thought everything else was “negotiable”. (I’ll let you address that in-private.)

Now, to come back to the title of this newsletter, “Again and Again”. It is a mantra I do agree with. Two things that share “Again and Again” would include “To GROW must be chosen Again and Again. And, our Fears must be overcome Again and Again.”

So, I hope each of you chooses to grow and that each of you overcome any fears you might have.



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